Annual report 2022

The 2022 annual report of Storytel includes financial statements, management's discussion and analysis, and information about the company's operations and performance in 2022.

The task involved designing Storytel's annual report on a the CMS platform WaaS and ensuring the successful integration of their new branding across the entire site.


brand designs.

As a UX/UI designer, my task was to collaborate with Storytel's graphic designer in creating an engaging and innovative online annual report.

My expertise in UX allowed me to provide a user experience perspective, ensuring that the final product was visually appealing, easy to use, and accessible to all users. I provided guidance on responsive design to ensure that the report looked great on all devices. Working with the developer, I provided clear instructions on implementing the designs in Figma, preserving the report's functionality. Together, we ensured that the final product was intuitive and user-friendly, showcasing the company's achievements in a clear and impactful way.

A small selection of our designs