Epidemic Sound.

The project specification was to create a standalone corporate website and press page for Epidemic Sound. The goal was to provide internal communications teams with greater control over content and updates, empowering them to manage the page independently.

My primary objective as a designer was to design a page that would reflect Epidemic Sound's brand identity, while also setting it apart from the commercial site.

Corporate brand designs.

Each design has been created to reflect Epidemic Sound's brand identity and is distinguished from their commercial site through the use of an inverted color scheme, with a white background and black text.

These finished and approved designs represent the successful outcome of a collaborative design process that involved close consultation with the Epidemic Sound team to ensure the final products met their specific needs and goals. From the initial ideation to the final execution, these designs are the result of a comprehensive design process that prioritizes user experience, functionality, and aesthetics. Browse this section to see how I've created designs that help communicate Epidemic Sound's corporate brand in a clear, consistent, and visually compelling way.