Energy market interaction platform

Project description: To deal with the lack of capacity E.on wanted to create local marketplaces for flexibility, where suppliers and customers are able to contribute with increased and reduced energy production. As a UX/UI designer I was responsible for the UX process with focus on design and functionality in close collaboration with developers, product owners and stake holders

Design Process


Step one is the big one, beginning with product definition and concept sketching with all the key players.

Next up is the research phase, getting to know the end users and their needs through meetings and brainstorm sessions. 

Analysing and drawing insights from all the data and information collected, defining the challenge at hand.


Next step is to create a user flow and low fidelity wireframes with the bare essentials. Wireframing is an iterative proccess that helps the team focus on functionality instead of aesthetics.

Final step before handing the design over to the dev team is creating a high fidelity, interactive prototype, This is where I bring the wireframes to life with brand colors, realistic data and clickable content.


End users testing the interactive prototype is an essential step, this provides valuable feedback and early-stage opportunities to tweak and improve the product before it moves into development.

Taking these prepapatory steps is not only cost and time efficient but might save the developers a fair share of rework and headache. This way they can focus on what they do best.